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An education and community-led campaign with charity Breast Cancer UK

Breast Cancer Age Bias

Ageism exists throughout society. For Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023 we raised awareness around the ways it intersects with, and exacerbates, breast cancer issues - from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment, to recovery.


We shared content, information, stories from our community, news, data and inspiration, with a view to both raising awareness and educating, so that anyone affected by breast cancer and ageism is fully informed to make whatever choice is right for them.

With the month campaign having a reach of over 350k+ on Instagram, all the information continues to be available on our blog as an easy, accessible resource. 

In conjunction with the campaign, our exclusive retail partner, The Bias Cut, also introduced the Neo Pink Jumper, with 15% of proceeds donated to charity Breast Cancer UK.

Ageism Is Never In Style Breast Cancer Ageism Age Bias
Ageism Is Never In Style and Breast Cancer UK




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