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our founder & ceo

"Anti-Ageist Activist Of The Year "

- Advantages Of Age Awards 2023

"Ageism Fighting Trailblazer "

- Global Health Ageing

One of Evening Standard's 22 Londoners Changing The world In '22

"As a young woman, [Jacynth] sees life through a unique and refreshing lens. She gets it.


Through her work and vision she’s leading the way through purposeful action to be a visionary, shining a light on ageism while offering a powerful solution."

Catherine O'Connell

Founder Forever Fierce Revolution for Midlife Women

Jacynth Bassett founder of Ageism Is Never In Style

Jacynth Bassett is a leading and highly sought-after pioneer, voice, expert and award-winner in the anti-ageism/ age-inclusive & age positive movement.

At only 31, Jacynth's strategic and business nous, combined with creativity and social understanding & empathy, has resulted in her becoming one of the most exciting visionaries and disruptors leading the way for social change and age inclusivity in society. 

Jacynth Bassett Public Speaking

engaging all ages

Jacynth is rare: not only has she been working in this burgeoning space longer than most, she's also much younger than most. 

She's also the youngest person in our age-inclusive team & advisory network, which spans across 5 decades. 

And that is what makes Ageism Is Never In Style so impactful, special - and successful.

Age-inclusive & intergenerational to our core, we aren’t tunnel visioned; we connect with all-ages, offering unique objectivity that appeals across ages and never alienates. 

Ageing is the only universal experience that unites us all, and every single person can experience ageism.


We 'fly the flag' for older individuals, whilst simultaneously inspire younger generations to reframe and embrace the privilege of ageing - whilst also comprehensively understanding points of intersectionality such as gender, disability, race and sexuality. 


"Jacynth is a tireless ambassador, and demonstrates passion, creativity, professionalism and maturity in all aspects of her work. 
Jacynth’s understanding of the power of social media is a particular strength of the business, and she has harnessed this channel to produce highly impressive results, including winning the Best Social Media category at the 2023 Silver Marketing Awards. 
With a bright future ahead, we look forward to seeing her business further evolve as a thought leader for the silver sector."

Debbie Marshall, MD of Silver Marketing Association

jacynth's story

12 years ago, Jacynth was set to become a lawyer. But that all changed in May 2012. She was studying law at Cambridge University, when one night she started thinking about her mum, Marilyn. 

Jacynth had started to notice how Marilyn and her peers were increasingly feeling alienated and irrelevant in fashion - and society - largely because of their increasing age. 

With that, she was ahead of the curve in identifying a gap and the need to disrupt fashion - and society's - outdated perceptions of age. 

Goodbye law. Hello age-inclusive advocacy. 

After years of market research, Jacynth first launched The Bias Cut - the first age-inclusive online style boutique - in 2016, bootstrapping with just her minimal savings. 8 years later, The Bias Cut has over 20 labels, thousands of customers across 20+ countries and celebrity fans, and The Bias Cut garnered awards and allocates for how it ‘shrewdly navigated’ [Stylus] the commonly ignored or misrepresented 50+ demographic, and pioneered age-inclusivity.

But Jacynth wanted to do more. So in the summer of 2016, she launched Ageism Is Never In Style - originally a sister brand of The Bias Cut until 2023 - to further her mission. 

Today, Ageism Is Never In Style is the leading, award-winning consultancy, campaign and community against ageism and for age-inclusivity, with a reach of millions; 200k+ followers; and regularly consulting with brands on a global scale.


And Jacynth herself has become one of the most sought-after voices, trailblazers and experts on ageism and championing inclusivity. 

Jacynth Bassett and her mum Marilyn Bassett
Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 18.30.30.png

advocacy & education

As an award-winning activist, Jacynth is a powerful and influential voice in the anti-ageism & age-inclusive space, using her platform to pioneer and inspire change for all ages. 

An experienced public speaker on an international level, Jacynth is regularly invited to give speeches, commentary, lectures, sits on panels and more on both public and private stages, sharing her insight and unrivalled expertise. 

Believing that education is the foundation of change, Jacynth is committed to furthering education around ageing, ageism and age-inclusivity. She is a Governor at a Girl's Day School Trust; is on the alumnae committee at womens-only college Murray Edwards (formerly New Hall) at the University Of Cambridge, and regularly gives lectures and talks to students at university, college and school level. 

key note & public speaking

guest university lecturing

expert commentary & media interviews

panels, events & guest appearances

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the podcast

Join Jacynth and her special guests - including Caryn Franklin MBE, Ruby Hammer MBE and Ashton Applewhite - as she hosts our critically acclaimed limited edition podcast series.
Together, understand how ageism manifests within different industries and areas: from the media, to the workplace, to fashion and beauty and more. And, crucially, explore how each and every one of us can play a role in driving positive change. 
Ageism Is Never In Style The Podcast

Jacynth's accolades & awards

Jacynth Bassett We Are The City Rising Star 2020
Jacynth Bassett Silver Marketing Association Ambassador
Jacynth Bassett Anti-Ageist Activist of 2023 Advantages Of Age AWards
Jacynth Bassett #ialso100 f:entrepreneur
Jacynth Bassett Women Of The Future Finalist 2019
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