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Championing age isn’t new.

But doing so impactfully, authentically and effectively is.

In a space where others struggle, Ageism Is Never In Style is leading the way - trusted, valued & revered.

From our live 200k+ online community, to our vast network spanning across industries, Ageism Is Never In Style is highly integrated, respected, and revered within the age positive movement and space, always at the forefront of developing trends, narrative shifts and audience interests.

As the leading consultancy on age-inclusivity & positivity, and anti-ageism, we work directly with businesses, brands and organisations who to wish to modernise, future-proof, and evolve, sharing our unrivalled and refreshing understanding, knowledge and expertise.

Whatever stage of the journey you're at, we can get you to where you need to be. 

"age-inclusivity is the future; socially, culturally and financially.”


founder, Jacynth Bassett

our services

Concept Creation Strategy Campaigns Messaging, Story Telling & Narratives 

Brief Writing Education Content Creation

Model & Street Castings Social Media  Community Trust & Engagement 

 Thought Leadership  Behaviours, Culture & DEI 

  Creative Direction Branding End-To-End Production 

Ageism Is Never In Style Navigating The New Narrative

navigating the new narrative

The future is age-positive and inclusive. But change takes time.


At Ageism Is Never In Style® we understand change doesn’t happen overnight. But equally you can’t afford to be left behind.

The time is now to actively engage with, and be seen at the forefront of, this hugely positive, inspiring movement - in the way that's right for you. 


We will work with you at your own strategic and commercial pace, ensuring you expertly, creatively and innovatively navigate this highly complex and burgeoning space that is rich with opportunity - but filled with pitfalls - whilst also ensuring you don't alienate others. 

From subtle intelligent messaging, to bold direct narratives; whether you're looking to dip your toe in, want to take it step by step, or are ready to inspire a rallying cry, we will work in tandem with you, your business needs and ethos. 

future-thinking clients & collaborators 

 Ageism Is Never In Style partners and collaborators

client work


"Jacynth is a tireless ambassador, and demonstrates passion, creativity, professionalism and maturity in all aspects of her work. 
Jacynth’s understanding of the power of social media is a particular strength of the business, and she has harnessed this channel to produce highly impressive results, including winning the Best Social Media category at the 2023 Silver Marketing Awards. 
With a bright future ahead, we look forward to seeing her business further evolve as a thought leader for the silver sector."

Debbie Marshall, MD of Silver Marketing Association

accolades & awards

University Of Cambridge Institute For Sustainability for Ageism Is Never In Style
 Ageism Is Never In Style Best Social Media Campaign 2023
 Ageism Is Never In Style Advantages of Age Anti Activist Of The year Awad
Ageism Is Never In Style Diversity And Inclusion Award Drapers



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All consultancy partnerships and collaborations are bespoke and tailored to your business needs.
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