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40+ Women Can Go Viral: #ILookMyAge Is Proof

It’s nearly been a month and a half since we launched #ILookMyAge and it continues to grow, and go from strength to strength. I’ve already explored the importance of campaigns like #ILookMyAge, and discussed the simultaneously empowering and educational positive impact they can have, but another particularly gratifying facet of #ILookMyAge is how it has buoyed so many profiles of those who’ve taken part.

In just over a month, Ageism Is Never In Style’s combined following across IG, Tiktok and LinkedIn alone has grown from just shy of 10k followers, to nearly 100k followers. And we’re not alone. Many of participants' #ILookMyAge posts have gone viral, with thousands or even millions of views, and their followers have climbed exponentially as a result. Now that’s what we call exciting.

That’s not to say this level of attention isn’t overwhelming. We understand it can be. But what’s so enthusing is that it’s clear evidence of the appetite and demand for discovering content and profiles that champion a refreshing, positive narrative around ageing. 

A few weeks ago I read an article that argued the seeming decline in demand for older models in fashion is largely due to older models not being social media savvy: 

“Older models are less likely to have the intuitive sense of how to go big online.” - Miranda Cantacuzene-Speransky, the agency director at Elite London

Aside from this being patronising and ageist, it’s also downright wrong. All you have to do is look at the way #ILookMyAge has been engaged with. Particularly popular amongst those of you over 40, it’s been inspiring to see all your different #ILookMyAge posts, and the creativity – and social media nous - demonstrated through it. From creating compilation reels of family and friends taking part, to dancing, swimming or swinging from trees, to small businesses using #ILookMyAge to introduce their team - this is how to take a trending, viral social media trend and run with it. 

So if someone asks how #ILookMyAge has garnered 15.2 million views – and counting – in just over a month, the answer is simple: it’s thanks to our community. They are who’ve made it the success it is. And, in return, we are thrilled to know our campaign has played a role in boosting some profiles, careers and self-confidence. Because that’s what Ageism Is Never In Style was born to do: build a community that uplifts each other to create a truly age-inclusive society, together.


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