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Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast: Episode 2 'Ageism And... Acting'

Last week saw the launch of the much anticipated : Ageism Is Never In Style® - The Podcast
Hosted by our founder, award-winning anti-ageism trailblazer Jacynth Bassett, each episode explores how ageism manifests within a different industry and areas. And, with a special expert guest in this field, together they dig deeper, ask those uncomfortable questions, spark debate, and ultimately explore and share with listeners how we can all collectively play a role in eradicating ageism and driving positive change.

Following on from episode 1 'Ageism and... Media', episode 2 takes on another big topic:

'Ageism And... Acting' with special guest, actress and writer, Julie Graham 

Age is the silent killer of talent, opportunity and visibility in entertainment, and no more so than for women. 

For most female actors, jobs dry up as soon as they are perceived to be ‘ageing’ or ‘old’, which according to a recent report by the Geena Davis Institute, is a much younger age for women than their male counterparts. The report found that earnings per film of female actors increasing  until the age of 34 but decrease rapidly thereafter, compared to the average earnings per film for male actors reaching their peak at age 51 and then stabilizing. 
Moreover, not only are there far fewer roles for over 50s than under, only a fraction of these are for women. Between 2010 and 2020, only 1 in 4 characters of those over 50 in film were women, and in themselves these roles were commonly supporting or minor, and more likely to portray  stereotypical traits such as being senile, feeble, or frumpy.

So is it any wonder that ageing is perceived as curse for women in the entertainment industry?

Now you might ask, why does this matter to the rest of us? But aside from the fact it employs millions of jobs globally and contributes billions to economies - accurate, authentic representation in tv and film can break down barriers, open us to new ideas, create powerful role models, and even be a source of inspiration.

So Episode 2 of 'Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast' explores the entertainment's industry role in fuelling, perpetuating and encouraging ageism. 

Together Jacynth and Julie discuss why age representation and parity in acting is so important for all of us; why the 'gatekeepers' aren't commissioning more stories of women in midlife and beyond; and why and how we can - and should - all support and be advocates for actresses who's careers are increasingly waning or disappearing simply because of their age... Along with much more. And, of course, Julie also shares juicy stories and insights from her illustrious career (and how it has evolved) to date! 

Listen here, or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon to listen & subscribe now: 


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