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Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast: Episode 3 'Ageism And... Beauty'

Ageism Is Never In Style® - The Podcast is our new podcast series, hosted by our founder, award-winning anti-ageism trailblazer Jacynth Bassett.

Each episode explores how ageism manifests within a different industry and areas. And, with a special expert guest in this field, together they dig deeper, ask those uncomfortable questions, spark debate, and ultimately explore and share with listeners how we can all collectively play a role in eradicating ageism and driving positive change.

Following on from episode 1 'Ageism and... Media'  , and episode 2 'Ageism And... Acting'episode 3 takes on another juggernaut. 

'Ageism And... Beauty' with special guest global makeup artist, brand founder and beauty expert, Ruby Hammer MBE.

Beauty can boost our confidence,  be a form of self-expression and creativity, and have a positive impact in helping us feeling and projecting our best selves.

But there is no denying that beauty and cosmetics – and in particular the industry that creates and markets them – has been, and continues to be, one of the most responsible for perpetuating ageism and promoting youth-centric ideals in society.

So you can’t get very far talking about ageism without bringing beauty into the conversation. It is, after all, the creator of ‘anti-ageing’ and the myth that ageing is a period of decline you can combat by buying the right product... But despite this, we are increasingly seeing a push back with age-inclusive and age-positive advocates, influencers and brands cutting through this noise, and inspiring and driving change.

So in Episode 3 of 'Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast' our founder Jacynth is joined by global makeup artist, brand founder and beauty expert, Ruby Hammer MBE.

Together they explore the beauty industry's role in perpetuating ageism, the burgeoning age-positive and pro-age movement that is growing and blossoming in response, and how we can harness the power of the consumer, and leverage our united voices in a positive way on social media and beyond to really drive change and make the industry sit up and take note. 

Listen here, or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon to listen & subscribe now:


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