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#BreastCancerAgeBias: Our Ageism & Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Ageism exists throughout society, and at Ageism Is Never In Style® we take great pride and commitment in utilising our platform to raise awareness around and address prevalent ageism issues across all facets of life, with a view to informing, educating and driving positive change. 

Like many of you, Breast Cancer is very close to our hearts at Ageism Is Never In Style®.

So for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2023, we launched our new campaign launched #BreastCancerAgeBias. We have been honoured and proud to use our platform to raise awareness around and explore the ways ageism intersects with, and exacerbates breast cancer issues - from prevention and diagnosis, to treatment to recovery.

At its heart, the aim of our #BreastCancerAgeBias campaign has been to help encourage and equip all of us to reflect on, and have deeper understanding and insight into how ageist biases manifest in breast cancer issues - whether systemically, interpersonally, and/or internally - so that together they can be thoroughly understood, objectively reassessed, & effectively addressed. 

With this in mind, we have shared information, stories from our community, news, data, and inspiration, so that anyone affected by breast cancer and ageism (personally or as a supportive loved one) is fully informed to make whatever choice is right for them.

We have been deeply moved by the overwhelming response and support for our campaign.
Thank you to each and every one of you for your contribution and support; from sharing your stories and experiences, to sharing and engaging with our posts, to purchasing the Pink Neo jumper. We are honoured and proud to have raised awareness around such an important issue, and it is heartening to know it has connected with so many of you, and provided vital and thought-provoking information, education and support. 

And whilst this month is now coming to an end, our content and campaign will continue to be permanently on our platforms, with all the posts and resources available in this blog post so you and loved ones can access them at any point. What's more, the Pink Neo jumper continues to be permanently available to shop with 15% proceeds donated to Breast Cancer UK. 


"It is never too soon and never too late to take action to prevent breast cancer" - Breast Cancer UK

Breast Cancer UK is a leading charity dedicated to breast cancer prevention - both first time and recurrence. The charity uses the latest academic research on breast cancer prevention to provide guidance on how to reduce your risk.
Over at, the charity offers multiple resources, information and support on prevention. You can access their prevention hub, informative guides, participate in a breast cancer prevention quiz, and obtain personalised guidance.

Ageism Is Never In Style® is proud to have supported Breast Cancer UK as part of our #BreastCancerAgeBias campaign, and we extend our gratitude to Breast Cancer UK for collaborating with us and backing our efforts in spreading awareness.

If you wish to contribute to the cause, the Jacynth London Neo Jumper in Pink, which we specially introduced this month continues to be available for purchase exclusively at The Bias Cut, with 15% of the proceeds donated to Breast Cancer UK to support their work. 

Ageism & Breast Cancer Data & Research

For more information on ageism & breast cancer diagnosis, we recommend reading:

For further information on how ageism can influence treatment, we recommend reading: “Ageism and its clinical impact in oncogeriatry: state of knowledge and therapeutic leads” and “Older patients with breast cancer: is there bias in the treatment they receive?” - both on The National Library Of Medicine website

Resources & Contacts

If you are concerned that you or a loved one going through breast cancer is experiencing ageism, we recommend speaking to:

Breast Cancer Now regarding treatment concerns:

Macmillan for any concerns and family support:

Samaritans for mental health concerns:

Our Community's Stories

Thank you to our community for generously sharing your personal experiences and those of your loved ones with breast cancer. Your openness and honesty contribute significantly to raising awareness about these critical issues. Your courage in sharing these stories helps to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals and families dealing with breast cancer.


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