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Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast: Episode 4 'Ageism And... Fashion'

Ageism Is Never In Style® - The Podcast is our new podcast series, hosted by our founder, award-winning anti-ageism trailblazer Jacynth Bassett.

Each episode explores how ageism manifests within a different industry and areas. And, with a special expert guest in this field, together they dig deeper, ask those uncomfortable questions, spark debate, and ultimately explore and share with listeners how we can all collectively play a role in eradicating ageism and driving positive change.

Following on from episode 1 'Ageism and... Media'  , episode 2 'Ageism And... Acting',  and episode 3 'Ageism And... Beauty' ,episode 4 turns our gaze to the roots of Ageism Is Never In Style, as it explores 'Ageism And... Fashion' with special guest, fashion stylist Claire Ginzler 

Our roots started in fashion when Jacynth first founded The Bias Cut in 2016 after growing saddened at seeing women, like her mum, being increasingly alienated by the fashion industry largely due to her age, and our Ageism Is Never In Style movement was launched soon after. So naturally, an episode on ageism and fashion was a given for our first series.

Now we know fashion is a devise topic. But whether you personally love it or hate it, there is no denying that this multi-billion dollar industry that has huge impact and influence over every single all of us whether we like it or not. Combine this with the industry’s undeniable influence over cultural and socio-economic attitudes,  norms and behaviors, and you have an incredible force to recon with.

So when it comes specially to ageism – something fashion is notorious for – we have an industry that is hugely powerful  and responsible for shaping both society’s and our own views around ageing. And it’s vital that we engage with the industry and enact change from within, rather than reject it, if we want to end ageism once and for all. 

And yes, progress is happening. But it often feels tokenistic and is moving at an incremental pace. The good news is that there are more and more voices actively working with and in the fashion industry who are advocating and driving change.

In this episode, founder Jacynth is joined by highly revered fashion stylist Claire Ginzler (who's credits and clients include Stuart Weitzman, Calvin Klein, John Lewis, M&S, Prue Leith and Sarah Pascoe, and of course The Bias Cut! - not to mention she discovered J W Anderson when Director of On|Off) as they explore how age-inclusivity has development in fashion over the years; expose tokenism vs authentic commitments by brands; why age representation is so important; and discuss how consumers can both champion change and truly embrace age through fashion and style.

Listen here, or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon to listen & subscribe now:


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