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Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast: Episode 5 'Ageism And... The Workplace'

Ageism Is Never In Style® - The Podcast is our new podcast series, hosted by our founder, award-winning anti-ageism trailblazer Jacynth Bassett.

Each episode explores how ageism manifests within a different industry and areas. And, with a special expert guest in this field, together they dig deeper, ask those uncomfortable questions, spark debate, and ultimately explore and share with listeners how we can all collectively play a role in eradicating ageism and driving positive change.

Following on from episode 1 'Ageism and... Media'  , episode 2 'Ageism And... Acting',  episode 3 'Ageism And... Beauty' , and episode 4 'Ageism and... Fashion'our attention turns to the workplace with special guest Barbara Brooks for episode 5

With our population ageing, and governmental policies being implemented to encourage those over 50 and middle aged retirees to return to work or retrain in new industries, the workplace is one of the biggest areas currently under scrutiny when it comes to ageism.

Only 8% of companies list age on their DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) statements, and with 62% of workers aged 50 and above believing older workers continue to face age discrimination, and over 93% asserting that ageism in the workplace is a regular occurrence, there is much to understand and tackle. 

What’s more, there are many points of intersectionality to appreciate; as well as remembering that ageism can affect anyone at any age, it can manifest in different ways based on issues such as gender, race, sexuality and disability, and this is evident in the workplace. So understanding these differences is fundamental to addressing them effectively.

In this episode, Jacynth is joined pro-age speaker, facilitator, thought starter, and  the founder and CEO of Second Act Women Barbara Brooks, and together they dive deeply into how age bias manifests in the workplace: from recruitment & HR issues; to why age is so often left off the DEI agenda; to the importance and value of intergenerational workforces; to how age discrimination is protected differently the UK vs US under employment law.

And they particularly hone in on gendered ageism (the intersectionality between ageism and sexism), and its impact on women over a certain age, discussing how women themselves can address this - as well as be allies and support one another - and what work places can also do to help. That is, of course, if that's necessary at all; after all there is a controversial theory that suggests older women have it easier in the workplace....

All this, and more, is explored in the latest episode. 

Listen here, or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon to listen & subscribe now:


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