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Ageism Is Never In Style - The Podcast: Episode 7 'Ageism And... Me'

Ageism Is Never In Style® - The Podcast is our new podcast series, hosted by our founder, award-winning anti-ageism trailblazer Jacynth Bassett.

Each episode explores how ageism manifests within a different industry and areas. And, with a special expert guest in this field, together they dig deeper, ask those uncomfortable questions, spark debate, and ultimately explore and share with listeners how we can all collectively play a role in eradicating ageism and driving positive change.

Following on from episode 1 'Ageism and... Media'  , episode 2 'Ageism And... Acting',  episode 3 'Ageism And... Beauty' , episode 4 'Ageism and... Fashion',  episode 5 'Ageism And... The Workplace' , and episode 6 'Ageism And... Activism' , for the final episode of the series, our founder Jacynth turns the lens - or rather the mic - on herself, as she shares her story and journey to date as a leading anti-ageism advocate, and reflects her own experiences of, and relationship with, ageism and ageing.

After all, throughout the series, Jacynth has been inviting our guests and, you, our listeners to consider your own experiences, views and understanding of ageism, so it is only fair that she does the same!

So in this final episode, Jacynth discusses how she got into the ageism and age-inclusivity movement and became Anti-Ageist Activist of 2023 at the age of 31, and answers commonly asked questions including:
  • "Why do you care about ageism at 31?"

  • "Aren't you too young to work in and be an expert on ageism?"

  • "Why is Ageism Is Never In Style a female-centric campaign?"

  • "Have you ever personally experienced ageism?"

  • "Have you ever worried about getting older?"

And she reflects on progress to date, shares her vision and hopes for 2024, and why the next step is for ageism to become movement for ALL ages.
Along with much more... 

Listen here, or head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts or Amazon to listen & subscribe now.


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